The BetLine Series

Global Tote is investing in terminal technologies to elevate the user experience and drive operational efficiency. The result is BetLine, our innovative new terminal suite.

The BetLine series of terminals for teller-assisted, self-service and account betting was conceived by experts in betting and UX, informed by pros in operations, terminal maintenance, and betting, and designed by a leading industrial design company. 

Series components are efficient and ergonomically designed, without sacrificing durability or reliability, and our processors are lightning fast, leading to a betting experience that is second to none.

BetLine offers flexible installation options so your terminal mix can be optimized for your business and your customers. Simply choose from multiple modular configurations of our teller and self-service devices to support a number of user scenarios.

To complement BetLine’s fast processors and generous touchscreen displays, our UX designers have created a new user interface that is intuitive, offers rich information, and displays beautifully to help users and tellers interact efficiently and with ease.

The Self-Service SST Terminal

The BetLine SST self-service terminal is designed to elevate the standard for self-service betting technology. It’s characterized by a friendly user interface, high-performance components, and customizable arrangements, creating an enhanced user experience that fosters revenue growth.

Options are constructed around a core unit that offers proven readers, scanners and displays. From this core, one selects from multiple modular configurations: Bronze for standalone account betting, Gold for enhanced self-service betting, and Platinum (shown at right) for the full range of services, including accepting bank notes. With this flexibility, you can choose the devices that best suit your betting environment and customer service needs.

The SST is available as a counter, wall, or pedestal mount. 

The Combination Teller/Self-Service Platinum TSST Terminal

The BetLine Platinum TSST is designed to attract players with its style and services and maximise productivity with dual modes that help adjust resources to satisfy changes in demand.

Tellers will appreciate the speed and efficiency of a terminal that is ergonomic and easy to use, with generous displays, powerful Intel Celeron processor, and high-performance components. 

The full range of betting services are delivered with bar code, mag stripe, and NFC readers, bank note acceptor, printer, brander, and two large multi-touch, high-definition screens.

The terminal’s modular design makes maintenance fast and easy, further supported with 5G-enabled remote monitoring and diagnostics

On a mission to change the User experience

Our new BetLine terminal hardware is complemented by an intuitive UI that removes the intimidation for novice users and speeds the execution for the experienced. It features a clean, rational layout with text and graphics that are easy to read and tools, data and services for every type and level of bettor.

Because the racing industry is changing rapidly, our single new UI is capable of presenting both tote and fixed odds betting options, so you’ll be prepared for innovations as they come along.