Global Tote Celebrates Runaway Success of its BetLine Series of Wagering Terminals

Global Tote, a division of BetMakers Technology Group (“BetMakers”), is pleased to celebrate the runaway success of its BetLine Series of wagering terminals installed at Global Tote customer locations in the USA, Asia and Latin America.

Global Tote parent company BetMakers undertook the development of BetLine with a multidisciplinary team that was given a mission to design, develop and deploy the world’s best wagering terminal; one that not only performs seamlessly but that is also sleek in design and suitable for the modern betting environment.

The result is a series of advanced wagering terminals, with various configuration and installation options, that are designed for power, flexibility and an exceptional user experience. 

With a rollout that began in 2022, Global Tote now has 3,000 BetLine Series terminals deployed or currently being deployed to 45 of our partner’s racetrack, casino and OTB locations, and hundreds more under contract for deployment in coming months. 

In 2023, Global Tote also introduced the OneWatch™ proactive terminal monitoring and analytics solution to give operations teams the proactive information they need to keep terminals on line and taking bets.

Reflecting on the success of the BetLine Series, Vice President of Global Tote, Raj Sanjanwala, remarked,

“The terminals at racetracks, casinos and OTB’s can make a wagering experience great or not-so-great. As such an important part of the wagering experience, it’s very gratifying to see how well received the new BetLine terminals have been, not only by our partners but also by their bettors.”

Global Tote’s BetLine Series currently offers 14 hardware configurations and combinations to accommodate international distribution and a range of partner needs. Our most popular model, the self-service BetLine SST, offers nine variations that allow partners to select the perfect mix of services and installation for their facility.

A Future-proof Terminal Series

Global Tote is already refining and updating BetLine hardware to ensure that we always utilize the most effective technologies. For example, in 2024 we implemented a scanner-less approach in our self-service terminals by changing terminal components and the wagering process to make the user experience smoother and reduce service demands.

Global Tote also continually develops new terminal software features to enhance the user experience. Our approach to terminal software facilitates maximum flexibility, allowing our partners to add third party services through integration. Partners can also choose to use Global Tote’s end-to-end terminal software or keep their own hardware and opt for our unique embedded terminal software solution.

Sanjanwala continued,

“Global Tote is committed to enhancing the user experience through our technologies and we continue to evolve the Series. What’s more, we are carrying this evolution forward through smart application of new technologies and nothing is off the table; we’re looking at how we can apply AI to, for example, deliver data, customize experiences and increase security. We’re also looking at new hardware technologies such as the integration of multi-device, multi-screen technology and self-healing hardware that delivers uninterrupted service. It’s exciting to imagine what the future will bring with our BetLine terminals.”

To celebrate the success of BetLine, Global Tote is spotlighting some key reasons why our customers love BetLine. View the BetLine Spotlight to learn more.


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