A complete data, content and integrity solution

BetMakers’ Racing Bodies Solutions help optimise operational performance, protect stakeholders, and connect rights holders with markets around the world.


Content Rights Management

A trusted partner for content distribution, BetMakers is the key to forging lucrative connections between racing rights holders and licensed betting operators around the world.

We help racing rights holders access new revenue by expertly distributing their racing content to betting partners globally for both fixed odds and tote betting.

Going beyond building the network between global wagering partners, we also supply data, reporting, and analytics tools that rights holders can use to stimulate wagering and drive revenue.

We’re proud to manage a growing content network spanning over 35 countries. Keep reading for more about our network of content partners.

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Race Day Control

BetMakers provides a turn-key solution for 24/7 Race Day Control services from our state-of-the-art facilities in the USA and Sri Lanka.

We employ a “follow the sun” model for full international coverage, taking advantage of BetMakers’ international assets.

Race Day Control centre personnel are well-trained, experienced, and equipped with best-in-class operations and monitoring tools to deliver reliable, accurate Race Day Services to our global partners.

Racing Vision

BetMakers’ Racing Vision services provide operators with live streaming of racing from all over the world in a 24/7 streaming package customised with logos, brand colours, and a pricing feed.

Filters allow our partners to adjust the streaming content offered to cater to their preferences and to comply with their content privileges.

As an embedded solution, our Racing Vision solution is simple and straightforward to implement on an existing website within an iframe hosted on the partner’s domain.

Integrity Platform

BetMakers’ proprietary Integrity Platform is a powerful, multi-faceted tool that tracks real-time data to help racing bodies – including both authorities and operators – strengthen their integrity protection programs.

Our Integrity Platform automatically tracks price movements and betting patterns whilst instantly cross referencing them against performance indicators.

A built-in database and a library allow users to flag and log irregularities and comments for individual horses, trainers, jockeys, owners and wagering movements.

Specialised tools – including bespoke performance rating formulas, fully customised runner form, speed maps, market alerts, and reports – give users access to information that can be used to take action with fully automated, customised pre- and post-race reports.

The capabilities of the BetMakers Integrity Platform are extensive; reach out for a full demonstration.

Reporting & Analysis

The BetMakers reporting engine was designed to provide a centralised reporting resource for racing authorities, rights holders, regulators, and bookmakers, granting authorised users access to betting transaction information in real time.

Our reporting platform is built to handle the massive transaction output of race betting, constructed with a Google BigQuery database to handle billions of transactions.

BetMakers’ Integrity Platform and Bookmaker Platform partners have access to our powerful Reporting Engine as a built-in feature to empower them with relevant and timely information for operations, decision making and analysis.

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