Expert Trading Solutions

BetMakers’ Global Betting Services can deliver a fully outsourced risk and trading solution or provision the appropriate pricing and risk management tools with our SaaS option.


Managed Trading Services

Full Event Lifestyle

BetMakers delivers fully outsourced management that covers the full event lifecycle with creation, pricing, scratchings, close, and settlement of up to 6,000 races per week at an average of one race every two minutes.

We work with you to customise your risk levels, allowing you to control the risk you are willing to take based on your business rules and objectives.

We are continually innovating and evolving our offering so clients who partner with BetMakers for their Trading Solution have automatic access to in-house developments such as additional content, stats, new features, and new products.

Managed Trading Services

The Highlights

BetMakers offers bespoke pricing and risk/customer strategies with 24/7 access to our expert trading teams. Get the most out of your wagering operations with our tailored solutions.

Expert trading and risk management services.

International timezone coverage.

White glove client experience.

Managed Trading Services

Our Six Core Elements

1. Experience

Our industry experts have vast experience and knowledge building risk, trading, data and quants solutions for multiple Tier 1 Operators.

2. Odds

Our industry-leading pricing technology enables us to develop a bespoke pricing strategy that aligns to your brand and company strategy.

3. Player Strategy

We excel in VIP service, working with you to set personalised player limits at every level for optimal returns and a smooth VIP experience.

4. Content

We are one of the largest sources of thoroughbred, greyhound and trotter content in the market with races from all over the world, 24/7.

5. Trading & Quants

Our Trading and Quants division assesses and monitors every bet, updating accounts in real time to maximise turnover and profit.

6. 24/7 Support

We provide tech and product support with an efficient ticketing system as well as a direct line to our Risk & Trading Teams.

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