OneWatch™ Proactive monitoring tool

OneWatch™ from BetMakers transforms terminal maintenance operations from manual to a proactive with timely insights of BetLine terminal performance.

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Comprehensive Visibility

Optimising BetLine Wagering Terminal Performance

BetMakers’ OneWatch™ is a new monitoring and analytics tool that offers a holistic view of terminal performance, peripheral management, and tracking of Global Tote BetLine wagering terminals, across locations.

OneWatch™ empowers maintenance and operations teams with real-time information to maximise uptime, optimise the customer experience, and control costs. It offers predictive alarms and alerts driven by machine learning to help identify problems that could impact performance.

With thousands of wagering terminals deployed for clients, BetMakers developed OneWatch™ to transform the process of BetLine wagering terminal monitoring from manual to proactive.

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Exploring OneWatch™

Features at a Glance

Centralised Monitoring

A unified dashboard consolidates data on multiple elements such as terminal servers, applications, network devices, and more.

Real-time Status

Real-time status displays allow users to quickly identify any potential problems with their BetLine terminals.

Issue Identification

Alerts and visual indicators help pinpoint impacted entities and identify the severity of the problem.

Efficient Troubleshooting

Teams can diagnose and troubleshoot problems more efficiently, for faster resolution and lower terminal downtime.

General Health Report

Aggregated assessments of current metrics, trends, and summaries provide a holistic understanding of system health.


In collaborative settings, teams can access the same information, discuss issues, and coordinate responses.

Automation Integration

OneWatch can integrate with automation tools to trigger predefined actions in response to specific conditions.

Historical Analysis

Data gathered over time is available for historical analysis, performance evaluations, and trend prediction.

Data-Driven Decisions

Teams are empowered to make informed decisions for resource allocation, maintenance schedules, and more.

Streamlined Automation and Flexibility

Seamless Terminal Management

The OneWatch™ wagering terminal monitoring tool delivers comprehensive oversight of critical BetLine wagering terminal systems, including core terminal hardware, peripherals, applications, and infrastructure.

With OneWatch™, no detail goes unnoticed.

Using the unified dashboard, you can survey your entire wagering terminal estate, across multiple locations, ensuring that nothing escapes your attention.

The OneWatch™ predictive alarms and machine learning-driven alerts keep you informed and in control. It automatically triggers alerts based on pre-configured checks and metrics, and the actions taken are determined by the severity of the event.

But what truly sets OneWatch™ apart is its flexibility, offering multiple alert levels for different levels of event severity.

In addition, OneWatch™ can seamlessly integrate with third-party CMS, alerting and reporting systems such as ServiceNow®, Slack®, and Google’s Looker™ business intelligence platform. This ensures that you receive alerts in the way that suits you best.

From critical performance information to non-urgent issues and critical system failures, we’ve got it all covered.


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Your Monitoring Hub

Real-Time Control Center

The OneWatch™ dashboard is your command centre. It consolidates various elements, displaying real-time status, alerts, and visual indicators for quick verification of service status and identification of issues that may impact your wagering terminal performance.

For OneWatch™, efficiency is key. The dashboard generates overall health reports quickly, empowering informed decision-making about resource allocation, maintenance, and optimizations.

The highly customizable dashboard fosters collaboration and encourages historical analysis, and it integrates with automation tools for efficient troubleshooting. Using OneWatch™ ensures that you’re always one step ahead.

Explore the Future

Transforming Your Wagering Landscape

With OneWatch™, you’re not just getting a wagering terminal monitoring system; you’re gaining a tool that can help transform your wagering operations with a dynamic dashboard that empowers you to make informed decisions, optimise your operations, and minimise downtime.

Proactive wagering terminal management is here for Global Tote’s BetLine terminals. Explore more or request a demo today and let OneWatch™ lead the way in transforming your operations.

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