BetMakers’ Global Tote To Deliver SaaS Tote Wagering Solution to Argentina Jockey Club

BetMakers Technology Group (“BetMakers”) is pleased to announce that its Global Tote division has secured a new five-year contract with Argentina Jockey Club under which Global Tote will upgrade the pari-mutuel wagering technologies and services for the Hipódromo de San Isidro, over twenty-five other regional and seasonal race meets supported by Argentina Jockey Club, and 250 associated off-track wagering outlets located throughout the country.

Global Tote and the Argentina Jockey Club have a prior association, with Global Tote providing tote technologies under a direct sale agreement.

Under the new agreement, BetMakers’ Global Tote will provide the Argentina Jockey Club with its SaaS tote wagering solution, including the Quantum™ tote engine, cloud based hosting, and system operations managed from Global Tote’s Global Operations Centre. Argentina Jockey Club will now have access to the latest full range of Quantum™ features including new pools and bet types, expanded capabilities for global commingling, omnichannel account wagering, and support for third party wagering devices and platforms.

Global Tote’s Quantum™ tote engine is a world-leading pari-mutuel wagering system. BetMakers’ Global Tote continuously enhances Quantum™, the cornerstone of its SaaS tote wagering solution, through investment to offer clients like Argentina Jockey Club access to new wagering products and to new wagering markets worldwide.

Sean Bishop, Global Tote Director of Sales and Business Development for Latin America, commented, “Global Tote is very pleased to secure this new agreement with our valued client, Argentina Jockey Club. From a product perspective, we are pleased to further expand our Quantum™ SaaS solution for pari-mutuel wagering into Latin America and we look forward to delivering Quantum’s expanded suite of features and its global commingling reach to help Argentina Jockey Club grow their business.”

About Global Tote

Global Tote, a BetMakers Company, is a global leader in pari-mutuel (“tote”) wagering technologies and services, creating solutions that propel the racing industry forward. With a presence in over 35 countries, Global Tote’s Quantum™ and BetLine technologies set the standard in pari-mutuel wagering, global commingling, and wagering device solutions. As part of the BetMakers Technology Group, Global Tote’s focus on innovation and commitment to integrity are helping shape the future of global racing.


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