Global Tote to Deploy Quantum™ Tote Solution to Drumbo Park

Upgrade to Quantum™ Tote Solution to make Drumbo Park content widely available for global commingling in the UK, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Global Tote, a division of BetMakers Technology Group (“BetMakers”), is pleased to announce that it has signed a new agreement with Run With Passion LTD (“Run With Passion”), owner and operator of Drumbo Park located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Under the renewal and extension agreement, Global Tote will upgrade Drumbo Park’s pari-mutuel wagering software to Global Tote’s Quantum™ Tote Solution.

One of the most feature-rich, reliable platforms in the racing and betting industry, Global Tote’s Quantum™ Tote Solution offers Run with Passion the tools to expand its racing content to new markets through commingling and access to new wagering products for its guests. Quantum’s extensive global deployment and on-going enhancement ensures that Drumbo Park can access a long and ever-expanding list of features, pools and bet types to enhance player satisfaction.

Lance Ku, International Operations Manager and Director of Sales & Business Development for Global Tote in Asia, remarked, “Global Tote is pleased to secure this renewal and extension agreement with Run With Passion’s Drumbo Park and to further expand our Quantum™ Tote Solution in Europe. Quantum™ provides reliable, flexible tote wagering services to operations of any size and when combined with Global Tote’s hosting and operations, allows operators like Drumbo Park to access new commingling markets for their racing. We are looking forward to bringing the power of Quantum™ to Drumbo Park to help them reach their growth and player satisfaction goals.”

Global Tote, a BetMakers Company, is a global leader in pari-mutuel (“tote”) wagering technologies and services, creating solutions that propel the racing industry forward. With a presence in over 35 countries, Global Tote’s Quantum™ and BetLine technologies set the standard in pari-mutuel wagering, global commingling, and wagering device solutions. As part of the BetMakers Technology Group, Global Tote’s focus on innovation and commitment to integrity are helping shape the future of global racing.


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